Toilet Paper Blasters FAQ's


  • How to assemble and use the TP Blaster?
    • Instructions for assembly and use can be found in the instruction manual, or here (with Video).


  • What is the best Toilet Paper to use?
    • Most toilet paper will work with the Toilet Paper Blaster, but for best results we recommend 2-ply toilet paper.


  • How far does the Skid Shot shoot?
    • On average, the Toilet Paper Blaster will shoot up to 30 feet.


  • How do I unclog my TP Blaster?
    • Directions for troubleshooting and unclogging can be found here (with Video).


  • My TP Blaster is leaking water, is this normal?
    • Don’t call a plumber! Slight water leakage is normal during play. To reduce leaking, ensure that toilet paper is loaded into the paper feed and the water bottle is properly secured to the top before operating.


  • How many shots per role of toilet paper
    • 1 Roll = 350+ Spitballs! (~2 spitballs per sheet)