Wave® Hoop
Wave® Hoop
Wave® Hoop

Wave® Hoop

Regular price$105.99

Maui's top-of the-line hoop. The well-known Hula hoop tire now comes as a Wave® Hoop, because the plastic ring in a great glitter look is filled with water. While you are swinging with your Wave® Hoop, the water swings to the beat. So it gives you even more fun with Hoopen, whether inside or outside, alone or with your friends! The Wave® Hoop tire provides plenty of fun for both small and big! Please be sure to note the warning for toys.

  • For ages 5+
  • Shipping Weight: 0.35 Kg
  • Shipping Height: 72 cm
  • Shipping Width: 72 cm
  • Shipping Depth: 72 cm

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