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Kitten Catfé® Meowble Yarn Ball Bracelet 4 Pack, Cat Ball Charms & Clasps

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Welcome to the Kitten Catfe® where purrista girls are serving up delicious catpurrcinos, smoothies, and so much more! So many surprises to find, Collect them all! Kitten catfe® meowble yarn ball series 1 has 4 meowble cat ball charms hidden in a ball of yarn. Unwind the strands to discover your kitten and then weave a friendship bracelet and attach your meowble charm. Marbles are hidden in a cute little teacup with lid! exclusive meowble inside.

  • Each Meowble Yarn Ball Bracelet comes in a cute plastic teacup with lid
  • Enjoy unraveling the yarn ball to reveal an adorable Meowble kitten!
  • String the Meowble onto the bracelet, braid, and wear!